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Our Process


1) The family calls to make the arrangements for their loved ones.

2) Call, Fax, or Email and one of our professional staff members will take the information and verify all the necessary information to complete the claim.

3) Then we notify our clients of all the information we received.

4) Once you have received the information you can complete the arrangements knowing the funeral bill is being paid.


Our payment plan for our clients insurance assignments can be sent two different ways. The first way is by overnight mail and it is easy as 1, 2, 3.


1st step, Fax or Email us the necessary forms.
2nd step, we issue your check and send it overnight mail.
3rd step, the check is delivered to you next day.

For faster payments we offer our sophisticated wire transfer service which eliminates you having to go to your bank.


1st step, Fax or Email us the necessary forms.
2nd step, using our computer system, we wire the money from our to your bank.
3rd step, verify with your bank when the funds were entered into your account.